Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bread and butter... a bite down memory lane

Guess what I found at an Esso station? Mao Mao exploring the taste of sunshine.
SUNSHINE bread has been around for ages. It is Singapore's oldest bakery, operating since the 1930s in Geyang (their website: Just recently while browsing at the Fairprice outlet at a petrol station, I came across Sunshine's "Enriched Butter Sugar Roll". They are sandwiched with SCS butter (another long standing brand) -- with grains of sugar. So you actually bite a chunk of history when you sink your teeth into this roll.

Remember the days when breakfast was a slice of bread, thinly buttered with a sprinkling of sugar? Then you washed it down with kopi o? Well, eating this "enriched" version today brings back the great old school taste. What's more, these rolls are fortified with vitamins and fibre. Yeah.

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