Monday, 22 December 2014

Nice long walk and Capitol revisited

Two chi lins
 guarding the roof top of a building at South Bridge Road. The faithful lions, custodians of the past, haave weathered all sorts of elements -- and gathering storm clouds are sup, sup sui (minor obstacles in Cantonese.)

And another one on the next building.
TOOK a walk  from Chinatown to Raffles City. I owe myself a treat after working so hard for the year, so I took a few days off.

After passing rows and rows of my favourite shophouses, I eventually reached Stamford Road.

 I haven't seen the old Capitol for some time. But it was different from what I saw in 2013 The entire building has been given a white wash.

And I noticed something else which I have completely missed before, even when it was still a cinema.

Capitol, dressed in snowy white. Pic: 22 Dec 2014.
Yes those old lamp posts! I am not sure they are originals of the era the building was erected (it was completed in 1930) but they were sure different from the modern ones across Stamford Road, at the SMU side.
See the lamp post with the really big round bulb? And yes, this building, Stamford House (1904), has those nice green balustrades like those of Raffles Hotel.
The bus stop was exactly where I remember it, even when I was a kid. There was a restaurant behind this bus stop selling Ipoh hor fun. I think it had wooden swing doors nut I can't remember its name.
Do you remember the shops along this corridor towards Capitol? Swee Lee Music used to be there. And through the eras, was there a dentist there too? And the Singapore Dispensary?


streetsing said...

The bulbous lamp post do not think its the original. Saw a photo of Capitol taken in 1982, the lamp post was like those normal common ones. This looked like modern vintage designed decorative wrought iron types. Yes, remembered Swee Lee and the corner Magnolia bar, also the restaurant behind the bus-stop. Cannot remember the name :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Oh ya, forgot the Magnolia milk bar. I think it was the one with the swing doors, not the restaurant behind the bus stop which jad tje nrisket beef hor fun. Come to think of it, the bulbous lamp post look too contemporarily old fashioned to be original. But they do look quite good compared to the common ones with the skinny heads.