Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Quest for great tau sar piah continues

AND now, my verdict. The skin is great. Nice, a little crumbly and crispy. But the fillings are too sweet, and rather dry. (I think I know why, because no lard is used. They are all made from "100 per cent pure" vegetable oil. So they are probably healthier!)

My favourite is the salty version of those with mung bean fillings. But I would prefer the fillings to be a bit more moist. I've also tried the peanut one (marked with an 'N') and the red bean one (marked with 'R'). A bit disappointing as I couldn't taste their natural flavours. I haven't embarked on the other versions, example, those with coffee flavoured filling (marked with a 'C') or the yam-durian ones (marked with a 'D').

My all-time favourite are still the Tambun biscuits from Penang (their version of tau sar piah). They are bite-size and can be popped into your mouth in one go. And the fillings are of the right consistency.

Will continue to look out for great tau sar piah -- before they disappear from our streets. I wonder if I can find any that are fresh from the oven, still hot. That would be great, washed down with hot green tea.

Postscript: Last night, tried the yam-durian. Actually not too bad!

Another PS: The coffee version was terrible ( to me). Others may like it I supposed. Just like I have never liked coffee pork ribs, but many do. I don't like coffee cakes or ice cream or coffee anything for that matter. Coffee is best taken as a drink (for me).

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