Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A morsel of Singapore's past

A lone puppet by the "New Phoenix Globe" (translated literally from Chinese) Puppet Troupe, performing at the Ayer Rajah Food Centre and Market during the start of the 7th Month Festival. 
THERE wasn't an audience (or perhaps there was!) for this puppet show at lunch time at the Ayer Rajah Food Centre. But the show went on with gusto, with the musicians backstage sawing away on their erhus (two stringed instrument) as earnest as could be. They also seemed to enjoy the quiet camaraderie of each other. So, that's good.

Puppet shows may not be as appealing to the general audience as the other 7th month fare, getai (especially since we have been treated to the exciting Getai Challenge recently on Ch 8), but still, they are a part of Singapore's past which I hope will be here to stay. Though, judging from the "seniority" of  the musicians, I seriously doubt so. The getai however, has managed to attract young artistes -- and followers.


streetsing said...

As children I used to like watching this kind of street puppet show even though I do not understand the dialogue. Sadly like the street wayangs, the turnout for these shows are dismal... for the living.

Lo Tien Yin said...

Ya, dont understand the dialogues either:) but its nice to watch once in a while.