Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Clifford Pier: Changed... but not so changed

When I was a kid,  the waters here were never so calm. It was exciting to stand near the water, separated by just a very heavy black chain at Clifford Pier (the one with the red roof in the picture).  So holding dad's hand, I would watch the waves make the buoys dance. There were lots of buoys, often rather colourful ones. I loved to watch the waves -- as they rushed up to crash against the embankment and then receded only to come crashing in again. Reminded me of thick agar agar on the boil. And I loved to hear an occasional blast of the ship horn. There were many boats and tongkangs here. Change Alley which was nearby, would have many sailors who looked exactly like they were out of an old-fashioned movie -- in white caps (with a blue strap) and white tunics with bell-bottomed white pants -- and those cute black boots. Picture taken 30 October 2015.


streetsing said...

Yes, I do remember the steps leading to the landing area was separated by chains. The relentless sea water ate away the cement on the steps exposing the small stones. The place was actually quite dim too :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

You are right, it was quite dim. Each time we took photographs, the pictures came out dark.