Tuesday, 14 March 2017

When debates were black and white

DEBATES. There are more and more debates these days in Singapore -- on social media -- and perhaps a little in coffee shops.

But I do so miss the good old debate series on B&W TV, especially those with Max Le Blond chairing them -- in the early 1970s. Actually I think he was first a debater before chairing the series. Always a joy to watch him. The last bit, when the judges were debating over the results, was the best bit as that was the time for members of the audience to have their say too.

If I remember rightly, the series was aired at 7pm over channel 5. Love to see the top-tiered schools pitched against each other. Remember rushing home from school to catch it.

Wish I had a screen grab of the old debate series... but in those days, who would have ever dreamed that you can take a picture of what's happening on your TV set? Or a mobile phone that lets you take pictures anytime and anywhere?

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streetsing said...

I do remember these debates among the schools, however not being the nerdy type lost interest after a while :)