Thursday, 13 November 2014

"Cook" a cake

Success at last -- sponge cake "baked" with a rice cooker. 
CHRISTMAS is round the corner. My childhood Christmases, or rather the days before Christmas, were usually spent (enjoyably) making cakes as gifts for the neighbours. I enjoyed whisking eggs with the egg beater -- those springy ones with wooden handle.

The flop, flop, flop sound of egg beating would go on late into the night.  I also liked creaming butter and sugar till the mixture turned white (as required by recipe). Not too fond of folding in the flour though, nor scraping the bowl clean and making sure all the mixture goes into the baking tin. The most wonderful thing was the smell and sight of the cake rising in the oven.

Best thing, not much washing up to do as you
use the rice cooker pot as a mixing bowl.
Last night, I baked a cake using the rice cooker. I have read up a lot on this "trick" in cooking blogs. Since I don't have an electric cake mixer, I used a "manual" egg beater. Actually I couldn't find those springy ones I used in my childhood. But I did manage to find an egg whisk. I don't have an oven either. But you can use a rice cooker.

First, I whisked three eggs with two tablespoons sugar till quite stiff. Then you fold in about two cups of floor mixed with 1 teaspoon baking powder. That's it. As all these are done in the rice cooker pot, you just have to pop the whole thing back into the rice cooker "case" or whatever you call it. Switch on "Cook". When the switch pops up to "Warm", press it down again until the cake is cooked. Then you invert it onto a plate... and eat.

By the way, last night's attempt was the third one. The first time, it was rather oily as I had added butter in the mixture. Second time, I was lazy and creamed eggs and flour, as well as melted butter all at the same time. The result looked and felt like the iron discus we had to throw during sports.

But last night's cake was a success! Apparently, you can also "bake" a cake using the crockpot. I am going to try that next.

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