Monday, 17 August 2015

Singapore's old gables III

These gable ends of shophouses along Jalan Besar have nicely rounded mounds. Based on Historic Chinese Architecture of Singapore's ( article on the kinds of gable ends depicting the five Chinese elements (wood, water, metal, earth and fire), their rounded top would depict the metal element. 

This interesting gable with a seemingly almost detachable "knob" at the tip of its apex (so the gable wall looks like the lid of your coffee mug) is at Kitchener Road. Using my favourite "knob" guide/, I can only hazard a guess that it depicts the wood element, rather common for old shophouses. Pictures taken June 2014.

This gable belongs to the corner house at China Street, near Hokkien Street. Notice the fun element added to the wall -- the painting of a woman lowering a basket (which was how one bought stuffs from street hawkers in days of yore).  The gable end with its smooth curve, depicts the metal element.

The gable wall of a short row of shophouses at Waterloo Street. Below picture shows the front of the shophouses.  This row of shophouses is just opposite the Catholic Centre. Notice the bas relief of what seems to me, an angel, on its roof top. Pictures courtesy of Walter Lo. 

Gables of New Bridge Centre (above and below).  Although relatively modern, the roof ridge ends with a squarish knob at the gables -- which according to feng shui, would seemingly depict the earth element. Pictures courtesy of Walter Lo.

Gable with Hindu motif belonging to a Chinese shophouse next to the Sri Mariamman Temple at Temple Street.  Picture courtesy of Walter Lo.

Twin peaks belonging to Yueh Hai Ching Temple at Philip Street. This temple is the oldest Taoist temple in Singapore, constructed between 1850 and 1855, rebuilt in 1895. The gable ends seem to me to be of the earth element, or maybe fire (judging from the two pointed ends on each side of the mound.)  

Old Gables Again:

Old Gables:


streetsing said...

I like all these restored houses with their interesting gables too :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

So happy to see you active on your blog again. Hope the problem with your spine can be resolved, as I definiitely will miss those interesting postings of yours if you can't go for your usual long walks and photography!