Thursday, 21 July 2022

Wind catchers

 As I passed by this sun-drenched "valley" along Commonwealth Ave, it occurred to me that this would be an ideal place to fly a kite. See, there's a clear space for one to run with the kite so that it will take off. And, there's no one else crazy enough to do the same here -- so no chances of getting one's kite entangled with another. 

I don't remember when was the last time I flew a kite. But I remember the first time I learnt to fly one was down the road outside the house we used to live. I would hold the kite chest level. My brother would hold the string some distance down the road. At the shout of 3, I was supposed to throw the kite up into the air, and my brother would run like the wind. And the kite was supposed to take off. Of course, I would like to be the one running, but usually, I was designated to hold the kite. 

These days, though it is nice to see all sorts of creatures flying in the sky at places where kite aficionados like to go, I still prefer the old rice paper ones with bamboo frames -- with a nice long tail.

Wind catcher, anyone? I don't mind holding the kite :)

Saturday, 16 July 2022

The long walk

Back in the 90s, when I first explored this stretch of the Ulu Pandan park connector (from Clementi towards Jurong), it was a narrow clayey, sandy lane with tall lallang on both sides. I remember walking endlessly in my Japanese slippers. It was afternoon and hot, hot, hot. But there was no return as I had proceeded quite far into the unknown. Must find out where it leads to. Surprise, surprise, it opened into Boon Lay Way or was it Boon Lay Road, can't really remember. So from there, I took a bus back. Luckily, I had some coins on me!

Long walks are not alien to me. I think it was primary 3? It was art and craft day and after the exhibition of our works in the morning, we had the afternoon off.  My friend suggested I should visit her home. So both holding our handicrafts (a wooden stool done by the boys with a seat cover decorated with cross stitches done by girls) we were off.

If I remember rightly, the sandy lane (Lorong something starting with G) branched off old Cheng San Road and ran parallel to Tavistock Avenue for a bit. Then it ran amok, winding through villages and wells. It took forever to reach her house somewhere in Sembawang (?). It was a wonder I could find my way home, with strength enough to carry that blessed stool.

One day, I shall go to the National Library and dig out an old street directory. I would really love to relive that walk. How did my friend walk such a distance every day to school in Serangoon Gardens? BTW, she was a skinny girl with a thick pony tail who suddenly out of the blue one day, vomited a huge round worm in class.

Hardy creatures we were.  

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Huckleberry friend

Moon River has been my favourite song since childhood. I especially like this part: Waiting round the bend, my huckleberry friend...

It must be fantastic to have a "huckleberry" friend waiting round the bend for you. I visualise someone with a backpack waiting for you at an appointed place and time. And once you have arrived, the journey continues, with arms round each other's shoulders (silhouetted against a round, fat  moon).

I didn't manage to catch the 1961 movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which featured Moon River as its theme song. It is a romantic comedy and has a happy ending, so I read. But the melody and the lyrics didn't sound that upbeat. In fact it sounds a little sad, to me. Somehow, it brought to mind, the story of a loyal dog waiting at the station for his master to return day after day... The master of course, could not, having died in the war.

Poor huckleberry friend. 

Saturday, 9 July 2022

COVID-19 funnies: No. 3

 Me (masked): Shui jiao mian ta.

Hawker (masked): Ha?

Me: SHUI JIAO MIAN TA... dabao.

Hawker: Chilli?

Me: Ha?

Hawker: CHILLI?

Finally went home with my noodles. Opened packet and to my dismay, it was feng jiao mian (phoenix leg aka chicken leg noodles). Alamak.

Friday, 8 July 2022

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Covid-19 funnies: No. 1

 I guess the funniest thing that happened to me during the pandemic was in 2020 - can't exactly remember when - but I think early part of the year. A time mostly filled with anxiety. I made myself a breakfast of chicken noodles (from a chicken dish leftover from the day before). Then I settled down to watch YouTube. Then I bit on a piece of tiny bone that broke a bridge. 

A few frantic calls to my dentist and I was finally on the dentist's chair.  There was a brief conversation that went:

Me: "Must take out mask, right?" 

Dentist: "I also wish you don't have to."