Monday, 4 July 2016

Ye olde book shop, the best

The old MPH building at Stamford Road, now occupied by SMU Labs. Pic: June 2016.
There will never be another book store like MPH -- the old one at Stamford Road. Although there is Kinokuniya and bygone ones like Towers and later Borders. But nothing beats the old MPH with its heavy glass and wooden swing doors, a staircase with smooth wooden banisters that led up to the cafe. On a hot or rainy afternoon, you could take refuge in this cafe (I think it was called the Books Cafe) -- huddled up with a book you have just bought -- and a sandwich or some potato chips and a Coke. A bonus if you had a seat by the window. There was no place that could cheer me up as much as the old MPH.

Passed by recently and was reminded of happy days spent at this place. The last 'event' for me there before it closed was meeting a former colleague from long ago -- by chance -- drinking coffee with his wife. He hopped to my table -- a very earnest young journalist turned teacher. Not sure whether he is still teaching today though.

There used to be a branch at Parkway Parade which I visited everyday during lunch when I was working at the old Marine Parade library, eons ago in the 80s. While still enjoyable, it had a very different feel from the old MPH, But of course.


streetsing said...

Nice photo. In the past occasionally will drop by at MPH too. I remember there was no cafe, it was introduced only in later years :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

But I guess you must have tried the nearby char kway teow -- and with hums :)

streetsing said...

Indeed I did, almost every Sunday, as we had services at the nearby Bible house :)

streetsing said...
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