Sunday, 3 July 2016

Great treat on a rainy day

Tau sar piah from Poh Guan Cake Shop, Upper Cross Street, with very moist fillings. As you may have noticed, Mao Mao  (topmost in pic) already has its nose on the cakes before I did. Pic: 2 July 2016.
I don't know why, but I usually walked past this shop at Hong Lim Complex, looking at all its wares but somehow never got down to buying any. But it was raining after my bak kut teh lunch nearby, and I was still hungry. So I thought I should buy my favourite tau sar piah from the shop, Poh Guan Cake Shop, eat it quietly under a shelter, and watch the goings-on (which weren't too many) at my favourite watch shop (probably a very old establishment as well -- a small shop which only charges $5 for changing your watch battery). Oh yes, Poh Guan Cake Shop is rather old -- opened in 1930 making simple Hokkien goodies like peanut candy. Now, it has the widest variety of traditional kueh-kuehs in Singapore. OK, I may be overstating...  but it does look like it has a lot, from the simple steamed brown cakes to sticky flour nuggets called sak ke ma (Cantonese).

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