Monday, 30 March 2015

Thanks for the shade...and the sunlight

A tree in Tanjong Pagar. It offers a lot of shade -- but permits shafts of sunlight to sieve through. 
IT was a very hectic week for me, postponing a major event and arranging a replacement date etc. So the fact that a great man has left this world has not really sunk into me. Now there's a bit of time to reflect, I do feel a certain hollow in my heart. I would like to dedicate this picture of a great tree to the memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Not only did he make Singapore a garden city, Mr Lee also sowed the seeds of strength, belief in oneself, commitment and passion -- free for anyone who care to reap.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Funny or not?

I USED to make everyone roar with laughter each time I told these jokes:

Motorcyclist with pillion rider stopped at red light. Halfway, pillion rider stood up to heave pants. Green light. Motorcyclist revved and zoomed ahead eager to be the first to go at green. Pillion rider got left behind, standing at the junction. (Based on a true story, can't remember which traffic light though..)

Prisoners told jokes to each other to pass the time. After a while, their repertoire ran out and was repeated so often that someone would just have to say "Joke Number Three" or "Number 10" and everybody would laugh hysterically.

Starving prisoners stared at tattered and torn picture of a salted fish and rubbed their tummies. Suddenly, one prisoner smacked another on the head and said,  "Oui, you stared twice!"

If cars can park at a parking lot, where can a dog park? A barking lot. (This was from a kid's book. I told that to kids at the library, but they didn't find it funny. My adult friends roared with laughter each time, slapping their thighs.)

Funnily, I don't find them funny now. Wonder why they were so hilarious in the first place. Of course, that was some 30 years ago when I regaled my friends with such jokes. Always well received.