Monday, 22 August 2016

77 years of grandeur and still counting

Tranquility reigns on the top level, with a great view to boot.
Clean lines and elegance.
Concrete blocks and airy awning, a pleasant contrast.
This building has been around 77 years and two Fridays ago, it was the first time I entered it. It is of course, the National Gallery now.

You won't regret spending a long afternoon at the Gallery. So many things to see, so many cafes and makan places... Many quiet nooks with nice seats and books which you can browse.

Both adults and kids can have fun painting (digitally) and then have your finished works projected and animated on the wall. I found that immensely fun.

A national monument, the place used to be the Supreme Court  -- and the building was as stately as its name sounded. 

Now, the stateliness has taken on an overtone of breeziness and modern chic while retaining its old elegance. So cool. 
View from one of the many splendid windows on the ground floor.

A rehearsal in progress. Don't you love the red grand piano?