Monday, 7 September 2015

'Replacement' path to Bukit Brown?

Here's the entry to Bukit Brown (I think) from Jalan Mashhor which branches off from Gymkhana Ave which branches off from Mt Pleasant Road. There's nary a soul here, so again, I did not enter. Well, that "mysterious" lane I wanted to explore ( was Lorong Halwa off Kheam Hock Road, which leads to the gates of Bukit Brown. However I understand that there's construction there now and the gates are closed. So I thought I would explore Jalan Mashhor instead which I hear, may lead to the hill.  I am always rather slow on the uptake or rather, take-up. Countless tours to Bukit Brown have been conducted in the last few years, and I have not signed up for any yet. 

The long and winding road that is Jalan Mashhor leading to the shell of the MRT station (that would be the Bukit Brown station when the line is completed). 

Further up this road towards Thomson Road is the Masjid Omar Salmah built in 1973. Built kampung style, it can accommodate about 300 worshippers. 

Watch an aerial video  (by Ads Vantage) of the Omar Salmah mosque that is along this road:

As the the Singapore Polo Club is nearby, I was hoping to see horses poke their noses over the fence and say hrrmph. But I guess the weather was too hot!

Mr Pleasant Road is indeed very pleasant and you see many rambling black and white bungalows along its curvy length. Many of these are managed by Ascott of CapitaLand.  

The road is rather popular for motorists taking a short cut (or a pleasant drive) to Thomson Road. Entering from Whitley Road, you will see on your right, Onraet Road. Since it has three "no entry" signs, you had better not go in. 

Next to Onraet Road, is another narrow path, which may perhaps be the old Wong Chin Yoke Road which had disappeared from the maps today (left, reproduced from a 1963 street directory). MediaCorp when it was TCS, had used this rather eery place for a few location shoots, including a car explosion scene in the 90s. 


streetsing said...

This place I have not explore yet, looks interesting. So ha... is actually Lorong Halwa. Bukit Brown is much read about but have not been to. Though I had visited some cemetries with some friends who loves bird watching in the Northern part of Singapore.

Lo Tien Yin said...

Yes, Lor Halwa is at Kheam Hock Road off Upper Bukit Timah Road. Jalan Mashhor is supposed to be the alternative road that leads to Bukit Brown. You should go for a trek to both places when you fully recover:) Look forward to your posts on these places :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Sorry, Kheam Hock Road is at Bukit Timah Road, near University Road. The roadsign that even magnifying glass cannot read is "University Road" (near the Botanic Gardens MRT station).