Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ways to keep your socks up

WHEN we were kids, even getting new socks was a luxury. Though it wasn't often that we got new socks, we didn't have to "darn socks" as often described in Enid Blyton's books (we kept wondering what that was). Socks were hardy in those days (and present days too, I suppose) -- so we seldom had to mend holes. But what usually gave way was the elasticity at the legs so that they drooped further and further down to the ankles and even further as the day passed. So that when the bell rang for home, you found your socks had slipped right down, bunching on the in soles of your shoes. Hmm, not good.

An ingenious idea was to use a rubber band to keep the socks up. You then fold the flappy end over the rubber band to hide it. But it got painful after a while as the rubber band bit into your flesh. (There was a myth during my school days that rubber bands sucked blood.)

Another less painful way -- you roll the loose ends of your socks (like rolling Swiss rolls)  all the way down to almost the ankle So the "roll" should just sit on top of the heels of your shoes. So "stylo". This worked only if the elasticity wasn't totally non-existent.

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