Monday, 15 December 2014

Those old bus rides again

Clack, clack, clack, ticket please....
DO you remember how you rolled up your bus tickets and stuck them between the metal strip and the wooden back of the seat in front of you? Your ticket stub won't be the only one stuck there. Other bored passengers may decide to scratch stuffs like "I. T. A. L. Y." on the wooden back. Some may doze off only to be woken up by the bus conductor rattling his ticket puncher on the back of your seat or the metal railing to signal either bus stopping or bus moving. (I was reminded of this by fellow blogger, Street Scenes of Singapore.)

Or it could be the bus inspector who wanted to wake you up and inspect your ticket. You would then wake up and show him your ticket. Inspector then said you have not paid enough fare. You then explained that you have overslept and missed your bus stop... and hurriedly alight at the next bus stop.

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