Sunday, 4 October 2015

Croc beats haze

This croc is having lots of fun despite the haze, at Marina  East. It is a really nice walk from Tg Rhu, with separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists. You walk about 600m till you past the Marina Barrage. Then you walk a bit more and suddenly you are on this nice open space, with the sea on your right, ships in the horizon, and some people flying kites on your left.

After a while, you will see this map. Onward, follow the narrow trodden path which will open into the vast open space. You will also see a building called Ventilation Building (whatever that is) on your left. The sea is on your right as you enter this open space.

Hazy. No nice blue skies. Next time. 


streetsing said...

The croc was probably holding its breath while flying :) Wow...that must hv been a really nice long walk.

Lo Tien Yin said...

Hehehehe, no wonder it was all puffed up from holding its breath :)