Monday, 2 November 2015

River Valley's spiral staircases

Old spiral staircases at the back of the row of shophouses along River Valley Road at Zion Road junction.

It used to be that many from the old Times House at Kim Seng Road (demolished, the land now occupied by a condominium development) ran across the road (especially when waiting for their stories to be cleared by the editors) to take a breather at one of the coffee shops along this row of shophouses. Now, there are new eateries, and even a dentist and a hair salon -- Tony and Guy no less. When the SPH newspapers were operating at Kim Seng Road, this stretch of shophouses was a great makan place. There was a really old school provision shop, chicken rice and hor fun stalls -- and I remember an Indian stall which served Maggi mee with a fried egg. It didn't taste too bad!


streetsing said...

I like spiral staircases too and these look quite like those I seen in Little India :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Yes, dom't think they have been reconstructed. Charmingly grimey:)