Thursday, 4 February 2016

Di Tanjong Katong...

The nice wanton-mee restaurant at Tanjong Katong Road. The owner had started out as a street hawker near Joo Chiat.

IT is nice to walk down Tanjong Katong Road, starting from the nursery at Mountbatten Road, opposite the old post office. Lots more eateries since the days I was studying at TKGS (Tanjong Katong Girls' School, above pic. It is now the Canadian International School). I don't really know this road very well except for the days I stared out of the crowded bus window travelling to and from TKGS ( But the names of the roads branching from the main road are still very familiar -- names like Wilkinson Road, Branksome Road... where some of my classmates stayed. We used to pop over to their homes after school.

Well, the Katong News Agency is still there near the bus stop where I used to wait for bus no. 72 to take me home to Serangoon Gardens. I noticed that the service doesn't operate on this route any more though. Katong News Agency used to have lots of magazines dangling from somewhere at the entrance. No longer. Instead, the entrance is now crammed with snacks.

Being on leave to do some spring cleaning, I decided to give myself a treat. Took the bus to Eng's at Tanjong Katong Road. I never knew of its existence till blogger friend, Streetsing talked about it. Eng's reputedly sold Singapore's best wanton mee.

May not be the best. but by far one of the best I have tasted! The soup is really tasty and I felt like asking for more like Oliver Twist. The place is clean and airy, with wooden tables and stools. It has my favourite floor -- simple cement floor but polished smooth and sparkling clean. The place has a great seating and ordering system too.  Staff are very nice and polite. All speak excellent English and Mandarin. 

Thanks Streetsing. I had a most enjoyable lunch.


streetsing said...

Yes..Tanjong Katong road has changed quite a bit since my school days. Remembered there was I think Robert piano shop along the stretch at Eng's. Branksome road was where some classmates brought me to a house where there was a Christian fellowship. Wow! u finally visited Eng's for the wonton noodles, their chili sauce really spicy no?

Lo Tien Yin said...

The sauce was just nice. They asked me whether I wanted spicy and I said, not too spicy. Yes, I do vaguely remember Robert's Piano along the stretch too. :)