Thursday, 23 June 2016

Chopstick satay

Should have used some belly pork instead of just lean, hind meat. But still ok. Presentation lacking, I know, but no time as I want to eat them while still hot, 

HAD a craving for satay. The best satay around my place is the stall at Alexandra Village, supposedly to be satay from long ago Ponggol. But thought I should try to make some myself -- without bamboo skewers and without the need to grill them over a charcoal fire.

No worries, can be done. I think pork belly is the best. Slice them into strips and marinate them with finely chopped garlic, hoi sin sauce, tabasco sauce, honey or brown sugar, light soya sauce, a bit of peanut butter and Chinese wine (optional). Put in fridge for about an hour or more.

After that, you can make the sauce, using a lot of peanut butter -- use the chunky variety (like the one in the picture). Add a teaspoon of hoi sin sauce, plenty of ginger sauce (Samsui Woman brand), tabasco sauce, a dash of light soya sauce, honey or brown sugar, and lots of tumeric powder. Blend everything well, adding water till the sauce can drip easily from spoon.

Pour meat and marinade into pan and simmer till the marinade just about dries up. Then sear meat by adding honey. When nicely brown and slightly charred (in some parts, not totally), remove and put on plate

Now, add more oil to the pan if needs be. Fry chopped onions and garlics. Pour in sauce mixture, simmer till thicken. Pour in a bit of coconut cream and let sauce thicken more.

Serve meat and sauce as a dip. Have some cucumber at the side, or ketupat.


streetsing said...

Occasionally have a craving for this local delicacy too. Your recipe looks good :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

I will be trying satay beehoon next:)