Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Lost keys

Twice, I saw them -- resting on the bus stop seat -- forlornly. Both times, people were sitting respectfully about a foot away from the keys, with expressions that said "Nope, not mine." The first time, at the bus stop near the Zion Road food centre, it was a singular key with no chain or anything else attached (looked to me like a house key, oh dear). The second time, at the bus stop near my house, it was a bunch, including something that looked like a key to a cabinet.

What do you do with them? Take them to the nearest police station? But would they find their owners? I had vision of the police testing the key on all the households in the vicinity and finally exclaiming, "Aha! This one fits! Yoohoo, come and get your lost key, ye occupant of the house!"

Maybe should take the key and place an ad in the papers: "Please claim your key from.... Found at..."

The elderly couple who was seated at the Zion Road bus stop said wisely, "Leave it here. The owner may come back and look for it."

Anyway, it is always better to lose a key than to lose a wallet. You can always call the locksmith. Some are on service 24 hours. But they charge a bomb.


streetsing said...

I too has found quite a few items, a MRT student pass card on the platform. I just handed it over the station master, hoping the student will have the foresight to look for it.
Another time Two brand new shirts that someone left on the station seat, this too I brought to the station master.
A bunch of keys in the Park where I jogged, I had to walk around shaking the keys to anyone that approaches. It actually work, one senior citizen came up to claim it :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Hahaha, I am surprised someone actually came and claimed the key from you. Maybe next time can pin it to a tree, but then you may be accused of hurting the tree😀

streetsing said...

Actually I was at wits end of what to do with the keys, fortunately the guy claimed it:)