Monday, 29 December 2014

Wet, wet, wet

Snowy scene through the window of bus 143. Actually it was just rain lashing at the window pane. I was lucky enough to get the seat by the window.
Even Chinatown, which was not dolled up for Christmas, gets a Christmasy feel because of the rain. I don;t know whose face was reflected on the top right hand corner of the window pane.. Probably the girl behind my seat? Didn't see it till now. Interesting...
T'WAS a very wet Boxing Day. But if you are not getting off the bus, it is a great way to see the Christmas sights along Orchard Road. So I sat tight... Didn't want to get my socks and shoes wet, you know :)

The Saturday after Boxing Day wasn't so rainy, but there was front page news of the flood in Malaysia. The young counter girl at Cold Storage where I bought my papers, pointed at the picture on the page and exclaimed, "Oh no, it's flooded now. That's my hometown!". She was very worried but mastered a smile for me when she gave me the change.


streetsing said...

Thank God we do not have serious flooding in Singapore. Prayed the counter girl's hometown is ok as rain seems to have abated.

Lo Tien Yin said...

Indeed, Mr Streetsing :) God bless.