Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Turtle Institute -- an arts grad's dream

If ever there's really a Turtle Institute, let it be at this great beach at Sembawang Park.
HAD a real pleasant dream. I was walking through this long corridor, filled with labs on both sides. As I peered into the labs, the people inside did not give me any strange glances -- probably thought I was one of them. Some even nodded at me. A big signboard at the end of the corridor said "Turtle Institute".

I walked to the end of the corridor which opened immediately into  a seafront. People were seated at the edge of the concrete embankment, dangling their legs, chatting and laughing and yet seemed to be in some kind of discussion. Some nice, great waves were splashing up the embankment.

I thought what  a nice job being a scientist at Turtle Institute! Too bad, I am an arts graduate and won't be able to apply for a job here. My idea of a great working place -- just watching the waves. Then I found that the people were actually working and not just admiring the waves. They were dangling cars and dousing them in the foamy waters -- like tea bags. In my dream, the cars were like turtles being popped into the waters. They must be making cars which can swim like turtles.

I was just about to walk on down the embankment, when I woke up. What a pity. I simply love this dream.


streetsing said...

When I saw this photo I thought its hawaii :) Unlike Joseph I do not know how to interpret dreams. But I venture a guess, you need a holiday..heh heh

Lo Tien Yin said...

You may not be Joseph, but you are mighty good at interpreting dreams. Indeed, I do need to relax by the seaside rather badly :)