Thursday, 28 May 2015

Roti prata centre of gravity

MY good memories are not in the real roti prata, but a dance teacher who was nicknamed "Roti Prata'.

She was our dance teacher. She was French and we liked her a lot as she incorporated a lot of moves in her routines -- from yoga to ballet, to pilates. She was inspiring and the music she chose for each routine, were excellent choices --  infectious, dancey ones (not beyond her to select Thai music pieces too) for dance moves, world music (those days, there was Deep Forest) for yoga moves and stretching.

And the most inspiring was when she sat in lotus pose. She would tell us to let our centre of gravity fall -- fall, fall, fall, till it reaches the very bottom and connect with the floor. For her, that would be her roti prata-like backside. There was no other more apt description of her bum -- they sort of fold over and rest so nicely on the floor -- her centre of gravity so in touch with the ground.

A pity she left when her husband had to relocate to Bangkok.

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