Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Chinatown, where seniors are happiest

My brother told me of a survey he read somewhere, that senior citizens are happiest at Chinatown. I couldn't agree more. It's a place where old timers do not feel displaced. It's a place where they can still sit around and stare into space (if they so wish, with no one giving them queer second looks). And it's a place where they can sit around and yak -- and put their feet up, fiddling their toes.

The place always makes me happy, whatever time of the day. On weekdays, the buzz of office workers at lunchtime gives the place an extra breadth of vitality (not that it is lacking). The hustle and bustle is what I like about the place too.

Here are more photographs which I hope, capture some snippets of life in Chinatown.
Sorry, just got to have this picture in this post again. My favourite -- Trengganu Street  intersecting at Smith Street, 2 March 2013, 5.15pm. 
With so many yummy eateries in Chinatown, it isn't a wonder why there's a Cooks' Association here. Wonder whether they exchange recipes :)
The iconic 1939 building at Teck Lim Road which brought many to tears when the old coffee shop had to move out.

Coffee shop at Keong Saik Road corner. Good place to sit and watch the buzz.
Old lady who asked me for directions to Amoy  Street at the Ang Siang Hill Park.
The board walk at Ang Siang Hill Park offers good
respite from the heat and crowds.


streetsing said...

The coffee-shop at the corner of Keong Saik street has a porridge store in business for many years. Once in a while will drop by for their YuSheng and century egg porridge..yum..yum

Lo Tien Yin said...

Hmm, maybe I will see you there one day. If I see someone tucking in yusheng heartily and slurping century egg porridge, it would be you, right? :)

streetsing said...

Unless some other old man have the same tastebuds. To confirm your have to shout "Streetscene of Singapore" is that you?... :)