Sunday, 20 September 2015

Ms Qua's Kitchen

Nonya kueh -- a first attempt by the chief chef at Ms Qua's Kitchen -- and a great success.
MS Qua's Kitchen offers some of the best memories of school days. From learning to ride bicycle (and knocking down countless dustbins in the attempt) to exploring old kampung places in the area which is now the Hougang HDB estate. Remember Jalan Hock Chye which had an old temple with a stage? I think I remember a well near the temple as well. It was such a lovely, long sandy road to explore on bicycle. It was a neighbourhood where "short cuts" may turn out to be rather long but scenic routes.

In the vicinity was the Daily Book Store (you remember, of course). It was along a row of old shophouses at 6th Mile. The market at 6th Mile had really great food. We always counted the attap-jis in the ice kacang. But my favourite was the slightly greenish brown grass jelly served with ice cubes in a small china bowl.

We didn't watch too many movies at the Zenith, more at Kok Wah I think. But anyway, the theatre (with a zinc roof) was more or less a landmark. And if you were taking the bus to Changi, using the old Tampines Road, you won't miss it.

Back to Ms Qua's Kitchen. It is an embodiment of the good old times. Even the telephone number remained almost the same (except that you need to add a number in front, or by now, two numbers). An old classmate once observed that if he couldn't trace any of us, he would just need to dial Ms Qua's Kitchen.

Although Ms Qua's Kitchen serves great dishes -- and memories  -- you won't find it listed in the yellow pages. So, it is a privilege and an honour to be invited to Ms Qua's Kitchen for lunch and tea. If you get an invitation to Ms Qua Kitchen's it would be a sin to reject.


Unknown said...

Dear friend, you have accorded me too big a title....just a novice "kueh" maker. I will make good my promise on my nasi briyani experiment next, and again, you will be my guinea pig..haha.

You have brought back the good old times we had exploring this 6th-Mile neighbourhood; and adding to the finds - old brick ovens used by Teochew bakers churning out all types of peanut candies, spongy caramel sweets coated with sesame seeds, and other colourful, pinkish concoction for auspicious occasions. In fact, one of our classmates' uncle used to run this business opposite the old bus terminus.

Back then in the 1960s, Upper Serangoon used to be dotted by several petrol stations where lorries filled up their tanks at the end of the day...the old terminus marked the "end" of all the thoroughfare or civilization. Anything beyond this point was like transporting oneself into another dimension...sandy dirt tracks, smell of pig-sty, fish farms, and not forgetting, the famous Punggol jetties frequented by foodies for their chilli crabs and seafood.

Who would have known that Upper Serangoon was a sleepy little enclave back then!!!

Lo Tien Yin said...

Oh dear me, I have no recollecton of the old brick ovens and the Teochew bakers. Wish they are around now. Thanks for the memories :)

Vaguely remember someone being chased by a pig when we visited Kim Cheng's house...

streetsing said...

The cutlery befits the Kueh, probably gives Bengawan Solo a run for the money. Too bad Qua's kitchen for members only :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

As an exclusive member, i can only reveal that nasi biryani is on the menu next:)