Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A nice gable at Middle Road

Twin gables at side lane sandwiched between Middle Road and Purvis Street. View from Middle Road. Pics: 26 March 2016.
JUST when I thought I have run out of nice old quaint gables in Singapore, here's one, or rather two. You can see them peeping out between modern buildings if you walk along Middle Road after the junction at Beach Road, towards North Bridge Road. What's more there also my favourite spiral staircase next to them... howbeit a modern one... not those you see at the back of old shophouses.

The knob on top of its gable seems to suggest the wood element, judging from its rounded edge. Take a look at this guide: https://nanyangtemple.wordpress.com/category/2-visiting-guide/ to see what I mean. However, the smaller gable seems to have an mound that's not so pronounced, which would make it symbolical of the metal element.

View from backlane off Purvis Street.


streetsing said...

Glad you are also a fan of spiral staircases :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Indeed, I am a great fan. Will be very happy if you can share your collection of spiral staircase pics too. :)