Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hail Hartono, for the Milo idea

I THINK Sing! China finalist Nathan Hartono has a really good idea. He said he would treat everyone to a drink (or more I hope) from the Milo van if he wins. And now the Nestle people say it doesn't matter whether or not he wins, the van will go round Singapore anyway. How cool.

The Milo van spans so many generations. The drink itself, according to Wikipedia, was developed by Thomas Mayne, an Australian chemist and inventor -- way back in 1934. So indeed, the drink has been around and been places.

The first time I drank Milo was at a sports day during primary school. There was a long queue of sweaty and panting kids snaking to the green van. You gulped down the drink in one fell swoop and then dumped the pointy cup into this humongous bin next to the van. I thought it was the best drink I had ever tasted.

My mum bought Ovaltine for the house and so I didn't know Milo until then. Later, mum also bought Milo but always insisted that we drink it piping hot.

But I think it tastes best ice cold and nothing comes close to the Milo served by the van. Hartono is right, the Milo van folks must have put in something more. Don't know what it is.

Wonder whether he will he be paraded round Singapore in the Milo van when he returns a champion?


streetsing said...

Congrats to Nathan. Indeed had my first cold Milo drink also during sports day in my Primary school. At home it was Ovaltine and later on Horlicks, rather then Milo. Wished I listened to Mum to finished this brain food, would have been a professor by now instead of being an average Joe ;)

streetsing said...

sorry typo...to finish

Lo Tien Yin said...

Horlicks shd be good too! I think being a professor could be rather dull and never a free moment. Got to teach, got to do research and publish papers... no fun la :)

streetsing said...

Not to mention going bald prematurely :(

Lo Tien Yin said...

Fortunately, not all :)