Monday, 2 June 2014

Old gables

Gables of Pahang Street. Amost "house of seven gables" -- short of one. 
Gable walls at Arab Street.
Pahang Street.
WHEN I first read "The House of Seven Gables", I was wondering what those were. It's the portion of the wall exposed, shaped by the roof -- so usually it is triangular in shape. I like those old gables in Singapore. Those retaining old markings of the next building (that is no longer around) could be rather interesting. Or those with a little motif just below the tip of the triangle -- or the "knob" that you see in old Chinese buildings -- like the one in the picture shown below:
Bali Lane.

 Gable wall at Amoy Street. Interesting how the markings on the wall denote separate floors of the building. These markings could have belonged to the next unit which was torn down.

In the pink. Armenian Street. 
Serangoon Garden Way.
I wonder if anyone (in my era) can remember those toy building bricks. They were not at all like the Lego sets of today. Each set came with ready made windows (with green or red cellophane window panes), balustrades... and yes, gables. The pieces were made of light wood. When the house was completed, it looked like a simple version of this one at Brighton Crescent.
Bt Pasoh.

Gables with spiral staircases  of shophouses (backview) at Amoy Street.
Adis Road. Picture: 1982.
Not sure architecturally, this is considered a "gable".  This is a wall of the communal centre of the Sri Krishna Temple at Waterloo Street, added  in 2002. The temple itself was erected in the 1870s when there was a large community of Hindus in the area. It started the shrine of Sri Vigneshwara and Sri Hanuman at the foot of a banyan tree. Later, the image of Lord Krishna was added. (Lord Krishna is the ninth incarnation of Vishnu). 
Gable wall of a row of shophouses as seen from the busy Temple Street.  Picture taken: in April 2013.

A very cheerful gable wall, if I may say so, belonging to Tin Sing Goldsmiths at South Bridge Road.

At junction of Upper Cross Street and South Bridge Road.
Gable wall belonging to the last house at Cairnhill Raod before it meets Orchard Road. This picture and the one below taken on 7 June 2014. Slightly overcast skies. A sweltering hot day. It's school holiday and the Great Singapore Sale too. So, beware the crowds :)
Old gable wearing contemporary badges at Cuppage Road.
A rather "skinny" gable belonging to a row of shophouses at Lorong Bachok, Geylang. 
Gable of a three-storey house on Simon Road, seen through the gateway of a temple at Simon Lane (off Upper Serangoon Road). The house seems to be renovated as it rises above its one-storey neighbours with red-tiled roofs  along the road.  Picture taken April 2013.

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