Thursday, 29 May 2014

Old windows

Old windows belonging to a Peranakan shophouse on Neil Road. Picture:  2005.

 Old windows are interesting. Like this one I found at a corner house at Club Street. They belong to this house (below) which even comes with a draw iron gate that is so retro. The letter box also harks back to the 60s and 70s. I can't make out the Chinese words on the signboard though.  Pictures taken in March 2014.

And how about these stained glass windows along a row of shophouses at Amoy Street (below)? Along with those intricate wooden carvings on the upper window frames, they are among my favourite sights in Chinatown. Oh yes, the green roof tiles too, and art deco on the walls. But I think cleaning those windows would be a bit onerous. You would need the help of a chopstick and a cleaning cloth to poke through the nooks and corners of those carvings.

Below, more interesting windows belonging to the Chong Clan Association at Yan Kit Road.

The windows on the upper floors of the Chong Clan Association building are weather beaten and seem to be more original. Now, the window below may seem old, but I think it is more advant garde than the modern, sleek glass windows of its neighbour. The "window display" belongs to a shophouse unit at Craig Road Road (back view).

The windows of Emerald Hill Road. 

Nice window trellis.

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