Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Swan socks, our first socks

DO you remember tearing out the label that had a swan on it from your new pair of white school socks? There would also be a tiny metal clip (to keep the two socks together) which when removed, could be clipped to your ears as earrings.

In the early 60s, Swan was originally a Japanese brand but already sold in Singapore. But from 1964 it was manufactured in Singapore by the Swan Socks Manufacturing Company with expectation to produce about 300,000 dozen pairs a year. This was Singapore's first socks factory.

Not sure when Swan socks sang their swan song. But Swan socks were good stuff. They lasted and lasted. And when the elasticity at the sock legs wore out, you used rubber bands to keep them up. I remember our primary school organised an "expedition" to the factory (couldn't remember where it was) and we were each given a pair of Swan socks!

Wonder whether school kids still have such visits today.

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