Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Yet another familiar sight

The David Elias building at Short Street.  Pic:4 Jan 2015.
WHAT stands out for me in this building is the Star of David. This building used to be white with typical, weather-beaten pink roof tiles. Since 2002, it has been painted a beige yellow.

This place takes on a new meaning for me during Chinese New Year -- since I heard from my friend that a shop on the ground floor of the building sells the world's best pineapple tarts. (The famous Rochor Original Bean Curd You Tiao is also just down the road, by the way.)

These tarts, size of a golf ball, can be stuffed into your mouth at one go, though you won't be able to say "gong xi fa cai" after that till you have swallowed it. Indeed, you have to go early to get your tarts or they will be sold out. This year, I got the last bottle -- much to the dismay of an old gentleman who was just a step behind me.

Back to the building: It was commissioned by Jewish merchant David Elias and designed by Swan & Maclaren (the architects who did Victoria Memorial Hall, Goodwood Park Hotel, just to name a few). It was built in 1928 (coincidentally, the year the owner of the other Jewish building commissioned by Isaac Ellison, passed away.)


streetsing said...

I do like all this old buildings with history to match. Did not know about the Pineapple tarts shop here though. Have to confess I love eating them :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

You can get the tarts any time at this place, not just around Chinese New Year. Around the corner, there's a very old fashioned chicken rice coffee shop. Not bad too.

streetsing said...

Thanks for the info, will certainly try them when I am in the area :)