Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Everton spirals

The orange unit gets a facelift -- but still sports a spiral staircase. Pic taken 7 May 2016.

Here's another one that is next to Asia Gardens. Pic: 7 May 2016. 

Everton has really charming shophouses. But those spiral staircases which I like so much are well hidden in their back courtyards -- or perhaps not around anymore -- I can't tell unless I peer into their covered-up backyards. Anyway, I managed to find two "exposed" ones.

I must say that Everton has some of the most interesting shophouses in Singapore and I will be posting pictures of those in my other blog on shophouses. (I know many pictures of these famous shophouses have been posted already... but I am slow on the uptake, as usual.)

Just a little trivial: Besides their beautiful wall murals, there's a unit at Everton Road that was much talked about -- maybe for the wrong reason -- associated with a coroner inquiry in 2013.


streetsing said...

Very interesting spiral staircases. Thought only higher buildings have them, double storey buildings spirals less commonly seen :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Yes, this spiral staircase is rather short and have less twirls :) I have seen one or two like this one in Little India, think it was one of those short lanes like Campbell Street... Can't remember.