Sunday, 22 May 2016

Circle of change

Previously part of  KTM --  now state land -- and soon part of a car park and bus interchange. Picture taken from Blair Road,  7 May 2016.
Now that this plot of land at Blair Road and Kg Bahru Road is going to become a car park and bus interchange, perhaps I will soon know whether this round thing I see was once a fountain? It looks a lot like one to me. But what was a fountain doing there? Currently, this piece of land is really green and lush -- befitting a park (Spottiswoode Park) or a plain (Blair Plain). Oh well, all part of the cycle of change.

Postnote: The "mysterious" circle was actually some sort of structure and mechanism probably for refuelling. See Streetsing's post. It could also be used for reversing the engine -- suggested Walter who took the picture below in 2011.

Picture taken by Walter in 2011.
And the shrine at the tree guarding the entrance to the land, marked where the Sri Muneswara Temple used to be before it was torn down in 2011. See Walter's blog. You can also see the remaining structure of the temple in the picture above as it was being demolished.

Today -- the Sri Muneswara shrine at the entrance to the land from Blair Road.
Land will be cleared for a car park and bus interchange, according to a Straits Times report today (23 May). Picture taken 7 May 2016.


streetsing said...

Oh..I think its not a fountain but for some kind of mechanical structure which was dismantled. My guess its for refueling the trains with diesel. Post a photo of it for you to see another day :)I was here before the place was demolished. Indeed there was an Indian shrine here once.

Lo Tien Yin said...

Great! Mystery solved. Look forward to seeing the picture of the diesel refueller :)

streetsing said...

I think Mr Walter is right about the mechanical structure was used to reverse the train. At first I could not comprehend how such a long train can reverse on such a small circle. However, I think only the head train carriage comes here. After re-fueling it reverse direction on the circle. That makes sense :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Yes, that must be it :)