Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Singer, actor, entrepreneur...Chef  Nic. His kitchen is one of the most delightful places on earth. Creativity and re-engineering is the name of his game. His determination though, must be the biggest factor. 
WHEN watching Chef Nic on YouTube, I always look forward to hearing Nicholas Tse's "service!" as yet another dish in his kitchen is ready to roll.

No other chefs I know (in cooking shows which I have watched) say this with such an air of confidence and authority -- even the way he slams the service bell -- is unique.

I am talking about the son of Hong Kong star Patrick Tse, who has his own cook shows. I am a great fan of the father and watched all his movies on YouTube. Now in his 80s, he still holds his charms. But I must say his son absolutely beats him in this department, and I guess in many other departments as well.

It's such a pity that McDonald's doesn't sell his designer burgers here. And one can't find Chef Nic's packet noodles here as well, alas! And worst of all, one can't find his cooking shows on TV here except on YouTube -- and most of those are bits and pieces -- precious excerpts :(

But still, am so glad the kind folks uploaded them. An interesting aspects of the series is the Chef taking his celebrity guests through a gamut of experiences all over the world weathering sun, snow, slush, rain -- the works.  Too bad, Nicholas' Chinese name being Ting Fung (which in Cantonese sounds like "stop wind") -- sun, rain or snow is outside his jurisdiction -- as he used to joke in the shows.

A sense of humour, a very important ingredient too. Cheers, Chef!

My earlier post on the father: https://bitspiece.blogspot.com/2015/06/something-about-patrick-tse.html


streetsing said...

Din't not know the son Nic is such a good cook :) The heydays of black/white Cantonese movies are so nostalgic. Watched many of Patrick Tse, Nam Hung, Kar Leng, Leong Seng Po, Go Loh Chuen
and many others movies in the past. The re-runs posted on Youtube by some kind souls I would watch too, especially on cold rainy nights which we are experiencing now :)

streetsing said...

Sorry for the typo .. I mean Did not know :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Indeed, I know of nothing more pleasant than watching old Cantonese movies on YouTube on a rainy day. Once again, must thank those folks for uploading. The movies are Hong Kong's great heritage and I am so glad they are still around for folks like us to enjoy :)

I hope to find the Chef Nic episode of him and his father in Spain... The father was his guest. This must be so fun to watch. But alas, couldn't find on YouTube -- yet :(

streetsing said...

Bitspiece, long time no posting from you. How are you getting on in the New Year?

Lo Tien Yin said...

Hi Streetsing, nice to hear from you! Haven't been walking round Spore lately. Not doing my 10,000 steps a day, so not many inspirations 😊

streetsing said...

Yes, I too have not been taking street photos after the CNY. Moreover, Chinatown food Centre my favorite haunt is closed for renovation till May :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Hopefully the renovation will not remove the flavour.