Friday, 13 February 2015

A great childhood joy

COME, lick this pot clean! And I would gallop to the table. It would be a pot that mum had just finished scraping clean of its agar agar mixture. So, the leftover in the pot would still be warm.

Or, it could be licking a can of condensed milk after mum had emptied it into a container. Mind the tin lid edge, she would remind me.

The milk cans were especially nice, but  not much left in there. I would complain jokingly to mum that she could have left more in the can for me to lick, and scrape. That would set mum off on a tirade on the many unfortunate souls who would not have even tasted a drop of condensed milk.

Today, I followed a YouTube recipe on making ice cream without machine and churning. Just mix cream whipped till thick with condensed milk and put into freezer. How simple. There was a marvellous mixing bowl to lick, as well as an emptied can of condensed milk. Still a great joy.

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