Monday, 9 June 2014

Findings at a cul de sac

Sian Teck Tng at the end of Cuppage Road.
SOMEHOW, I never knew the existence of this nice Chinese building (built in 1883) at the cul de sac of Cuppage Road -- though I have been to Centrepoint numerous times. (Centrepoint is just a building away.)

According to this blog, the building, Sian Teck Tng, was built for widows and orphans --  a vegetarian house. When I was there on a Saturday afternoon (trying to take some pictures of the end wall of Cuppage Terrace) its front doors were closed, though the front gate was thrown wide open. So I didn't have the opportunity to nose around the interior -- or partake in any free vegetarian meals :)

You can also read about this temple by The Intercontinental Gardener.
Statue of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) in the front garden.
It would house some inner courtyards, judging by the gables.
Incense lit at the front. 
Red pomegranates in abundance.
Looking through the front gate (into Cuppage Road), from the garden.
A wall mural at the gate depicting the Eight Immortals. 

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