Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ruby necklace

Anyone owns a similar necklace?
MY dad brought me to a jewelry shop -- somewhere in Raffles Place I should think -- to get me my first necklace. It must be some time in the early 60s and I don't think I have started school yet.  I vaguely remember the shop as huge and dome-like, with windows all round. The shop must be on an upper floor as I could remember looking into a great view of Singapore. The shopkeeper was an Indian and he was very nice and chummy with my dad. The floors were wooden. I wish I could remember the name of the shop, or the place it was located. Perhaps Chulia Street? Chulia Street seemed to be a place my parents went quite often, though I was not sure for what. Probably dad had some business friends there.  But they mentioned it quite often in their conversations.

This necklace was unique -- made up of red and white pieces. The red pieces (which my dad said were rubies -- but of course they were not -- probably plastic) were interspersed with the white ones which looked like skittles. 

It was dismantled and re-threaded many times to test out different designs -- three rubies, one white skittle... or two white skittles, one ruby... In the later stage of my childhood, I was left with one ruby which I carefully put in a small velvet pouch, with some skeins which belonged to my mum's green skirt. She said to save the skeins in case she needed them to mend her skirt. 

I wish I have kept that pouch.

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