Thursday, 11 June 2015

Watching the tide

Mao2 keeping a lookout for me, to see whether water level is falling during a water test at my bathrooms which were filled up to about 1 inch of water .
MY cat loves to help out. She keeps an eye on things for me.

For example, the other day, the HDB needed to conduct a water test for my two bathrooms. The blocks in my area are going to be upgraded soon. And those who opted not to have their bathrooms re-tiled, would need to undergo a water test to see whether the waterproofing (I am not sure whether the previous owner has re-tiled, but if they are original tiles, then it would be about 30 years old) is still good -- that no water leaks down to the neighbour's unit one floor below.

So the workers came at 8.30am. They sealed up all the drainage and filled up the bathrooms to about one inch height of water. I was instructed to watch the water level -- if it so much dropped a centimetre, I was to inform them straight away. They would come back four hours later to check.

The test was a little unnerving. Because if they found seepage, I would have to re-tile my bathroom floors and that would mean hacking, lots of dust and hassle. Fortunately, I passed, or rather my bathroom floors passed!

 Mao2 relaxing -- a well-deserved rest.
But you can be sure that she's ever vigilant, either resting on a bed or....
... a handbag.


streetsing said...

That's one intelligent cat. Water leakage is indeed a nightmare. My upstairs unit is leaking, albeit at a tiny level, while not serious, caused the ceiling to drop off bit by bit.

Lo Tien Yin said...

Oh dear... You may have to tell your upstairs neighbour about it. Then, your neighbour would have to do his waterproofing. I think town council will arrange. You may have to share cost with neighbour.

streetsing said...

Don't know why my comments appeared twice on your blog. They hv just renovated I think, probably its caused by remnant moisture. Will see how it goes :)