Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tau Sar Piah, anyone?

The House of Tau Sar Piah is at the ground floor of the corner unit of the row of shophouses next to the Kuan Yin temple at Balestier Road. Reminds me of  the Ch 8 9pm drama series "Blessings" shown last year, starring Shaun Chen,

A little history on the House of Tau Sar Piah. It was started some 40 years ago in Seletar Hills. It moved to Balestier Road 20 years ago.
ALTHOUGH it is rather well known, I have not heard that Balestier Road has this traditional shop selling tau sar piah (you can read all about this Chinese pastry here: Until I heard my colleague talking about it when we happened to lunch at the Balestier food centre one day. (Why we travelled there so far from our place of work for lunch, is another story.) But she said she wasn't sure where the shop was.

Today, I was there again (all in the name of work, to collect an exhibit from our vendor's warehouse which was at Jalan Rajah) and I spotted it next to a temple. So I braved the heat, took an umbrella, crossed the road, and visited this shop. Bought all 10 different types (one filled with red bean, another filled with green bean, pineapple...) for my colleague (the one who told me about it) and of course, another box for myself. I even bought a packet of "pig's ears". These are crispy brown and white biscuits. The white parts are seasoned with the Chinese five spices while the brown swirls have got fermented bean curd (nam yu in Cantonese) mixed into the dough.

Authentic "pig's ears" are hard to find! And of course, home-baked tau sar piah which are not mass manufactured in factories, are disappearing (as depicted in the TV series, Blessings.) However, according to bloggers, there are five tau sar piah shops along Balestier Road -- all baking their own pastry.

Can't wait to taste those piahs after work. l let you know whether they are as good as they look tomorrow.
Very busy packing my two boxes of tau sar piah.
Looks like they have a fair bit of media publicity.

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