Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sand patch at SGSS

SGSS which stands for Serangoon Garden South School, had this little sand patch near the tuck shop. This little patch of sand, located near the canal side (the canal flowed along the length of Kensington Park Road) was part of the huge school field which united SGSS with Serangoon Garden North School.

Usually, this sand patch was not too clean -- either students treated it as a vast dumping ground -- or that litter strewn along the rest of the field was not as obvious being hidden by grass.

Anyway, I was loitering around the sand patch after my "da mee", waiting for my best friend when I was suddenly jotted out of my daydream. First, I was pulled by the corner of one of my sleeves. Then a huge pair of eyes glared at me. A stern voice said "You! Pick it up and throw it into the dustbin!"

The eyes belonged to my cheongsam-clad principal. I looked at where she pointed and saw an ice-cream stick. Horrors! I wanted to tell her that I didn't throw that. But she had stalked off, looking left and right for erring students.

I felt very wronged and my day was ruined. On reflection, it was right for the principal to ask me pick up the rubbish (whether I was the culprit or no). But the manner she did it was so wrong. AND, she could have shown an example by picking it up herself and throwing it into the bin.

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