Monday, 8 June 2015

Good people around

ONE of the best advice I had was a line thrown casually at me by a colleague (from another department). The line was: "Don't under estimate what people are willing to do or can do. You won't know till you try."

Another memorable line was from another colleague (an ex-colleague) who said we often use ourselves as a yardstick when gauging the action of another. For example, "If I were him, I probably won't give $1,000 to a stranger." The thing is, he said, you are not him (or her).

Good to be optimistic about one's own potentials -- and others'. The morning news are full of those who bully, cheat and lie. Not so optimistic eh?. But there are good people around. Today's earthquake stories on Mt Kinabalu are a testimony to good, selfless people.

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