Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Steps & path to great food

This short path definitely worth exploring.
THIS short flight of steps and path lead to great food -- to a host of old school coffee shops juxtaposed along hip cafes and eateries. But it was the Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre where I rested my feet. 

This is the food cerntre which many bloggers have written about -- famous for its hawker food. The queues were still rather long, though it was past lunch time. Tried the duck rice stall on the second floor, whose signboard said it was the original from Chinatown. The lady lovingly carved out the meat from the bones and arranged them neatly on my plate. Then she sprinkled the whole thing with the black gravy, and a drizzle of sesame oil. Very tasty, very tender. Pity I was too busy gobbling everything down to even take a picture. 

I found there were lots more young people in this estate than Tanglin Halt. Two teenagers lugging groceries and hurrying down the steps were busy chatting. "I jogged twice a day, is that too much?" one asked the other.

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