Monday, 24 March 2014

Old balustrades II

I AM very fond of vase-shaped balusters. In my last blog, I did say I was going to take some pictures of those belonging to Raffles Hotel. So here they are. Also happened to chance upon nice white ones at Geylang.

Afternote (5 April 2014): And also nice ones belonging to the Peranakan Museum at Armenian Street.

Raffles Hotel's trademark palm green balustrades  Close up of those vase-like balusters below. Raffles Hotel was established in 1887.  Pictures: March 2014.

These balustrades fence the compound of THK Building, a light industrial estate at  Lor 23 Geylang. A nice surprise! Pic: March 2014.
THK Building's balustrades.
Vase-like balustrades (similar to those of Raffles Hotel) gracing the rooftop and verandas of Peranakan Museum. The building built between 1910 and 1912, was previously the Tao Nan School.  It was designed in the Eclectic-classical style with features of the French Renaissance. See Wilkipedia's writeup:
Pictures taken on 5 April 2014, a very rainy day.

These belonging to an old house at Hullet Road, are less squat than those belonging to Peranakan Museum and Raffles Hotel. But very charming, nevertheless. 

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