Tuesday, 5 August 2014

In search of 'Fatman'

Fernloft Hostel is now where Fatman used to be at Jalan Besar. Or could Fatman be lurking somewhere inside the hostel...Could I have missed this "fat" signboard?
DO you remember seeing this very well groomed gentleman in full suit with a cigar hanging at his lips, gracing the facade of an old shophouse along Jalan Besar? This profile with the prominent paunch, belonged to a logo used by a tailor on his signboard. It certainly left a big impression in my memories of the 70s and 80s -- when I sat in the bus going to town, looking out of the window.

The signboard was there for the longest time and I always looked out for it as it meant that my bus would soon be reaching Bras Basah Road where I would alight to browse at the row of shophouses there selling used school textbooks, silver jewellery, sports goods and other interesting stuffs. I ceased to look out for Fatman when I no longer take that bus route.

Anyway, recently I Googled "Fatman Tailor Singapore" and Fatman Singapore Gents Wear appeared -- one with address along Jalan Besar, No. 257; and one at 34 Whampoa West. I checked out the Jalan Besar address and found that the unit is now Fernloft Hostel. Couldn't find the Fatman signboard anywhere.

I cannot be sure that the one which used to occupy this unit was the same Fatman of yore though. Haven't checked out the Whampoa West address yet. Watch this space :)
Thai Sun Pawnshop is another landmark from my childhood days which remains today at Jalan Besar. I am going to find my Fatman... I am quite sure it's the same one, now at Whampoa West.

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