Monday, 14 December 2015

Crescendo blues

I was enjoying Crescendo quite a bit, the drama serial on ch 8 which ended recently. Acting was great, the plot was thick with ups and downs. There were those nice xinyao songs to boot. It is now replaced by a new serial, Dream Makers 2. It has most of the artistes I like -- Zoe Tay, Rui En and Huang Biren (she was great in Tiger Mum). But why is it that I always fell asleep halfway through the show? It could be the nice, cool weather. But after two weeks, it is still lacking little crescendos. So blah. The characters are just not very plausible. (Or do glitzy characters really behave like this in Caldecott Hill?) The plot has no texture, unlike Crescendo. Veterans Zoe Tay, Huang Biren and Qi Yu Wu pull their weight, but why is Li Nanxing's and Romeo's acting so exaggerated? I have enjoyed their acting in other productions. What happened ah? Nevermind, I'll watch some more. Maybe it will improve, when the plot thickens.

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