Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil

MAN with a hat, carrying a big fish on his back. This brand of cod liver oil has been around for the longest time -- even older than me I should think! Because I can remember my brother taking this white creamy liquid everyday while I took Seven Seas' golden tablets instead (because I would throw out each time if I took the cream version).
I lifted this picture from the website.
The box and the bottle are exactly how I remember
 them to be  in the 60s when I was a kid.
Mum insisted that we take this supplement. So, as a result, we have many boxes and bottles with this man on the two labels. And I have gotten the habit of collecting all the Seven Seas boxes. I just loved its bright yellow and black packaging. I found the words "Seven Seas" very intriguing too and imagined myself sailing in the ship on the label. I also found the bottles particularly useful in containing small pebbles I picked up from the "wasteland" at the end of Cardiff Grove (that was to become a massive residential development with roads named Li Hwan Terrace etc). Mum sometimes took my brother and me there to fly kite. As my kite usually didn't fly too well, I ended up looking for interesting rocks and pebbles. I loved collecting these -- especially the white ones which looked like small pieces of marbles. I would put the bigger ones into the boxes and carry them all over the place with me -- ready to pop in another pebble should I find one on the road side.

One time, I left a Seven Seas box of pebbles at our regular dentist who had a clinic just next to Dr Ferandez (the one with the wonderful Chrysanthemum clock). I liked this dentist, he always chatted amicably with mum when we were there. Anyway, that day, as we were walking away from the clinic after extraction of one of my milk teeth (we were planning to have a drink at Tuck Kee, the coffee shop round the corner of Kensington Park Road) when we heard heavy footsteps behind us. We turned back and there was our favourite dentist rather breathless, running after us.

My mum was rather embarrassed and thought we had forgotten to pay for the extraction. She was a little less embarrassed when he returned her the box but hoped he didn't realise that it contained pebbles. But I was extremely grateful and he scored another Brownie's point in my book.

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