Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Unforgettable bits and pieces from the movies

SOME people can remember an entire movie -- almost line for line. For me, I can't even remember the plot without prodding, much less the lines. Like I enjoyed watching "Inception" -- but if you asked me what I remember about the movie, my answer would be "It's a puzzlement".

But there are some bits and pieces of a movie which I can remember for life -- even if I have long forgotten the cast or the titles. For me, the poignancy of the moment is what lingers.

Take "The Sixth Sense" for example (I happened to remember the lines this time), one of the characters asked her dead mother "Do I make you proud?" and the answer was "Everyday".

In "Dark Water", it was a tinge of sadness that lingered after the movie. In the last scene, the daughter met her mum (or rather the ghost of her mum) after some 18 years of separation and realised that they can never be together again.

Of course, a good twist at the end certainly makes a movie unforgettable. In "Drag Me to Hell", the most satisfying scene was that of Alison Lohman (as the banker), jamming the cursed button back into the mouth of the gypsy. But the twist at the end was great -- when the button makes a reappearance.

There twist to the ending of Sixth Sense was a grand one too. Simply fantastic.

There are other acclaimed movies, but sometimes all I remember of them are just some irrelevant parts. For example in "Volcano", even now, I could remember how the little terrier managed to  leap into the couple's car as they fled from the fiery lava. What a relief. I will never forgive the producer if the little terrier got left behind.

And for other movies, it is the theme song, like "Stand By Me".  And for some, it is the hairstyle -- like Lisa Minnelli's in Cabaret.

However, for the life of me, I cannot understand why some had to watch Sound of Music 10 times... Or Fiddler on the Roof X times, or even Doctor Zhivago (though I do like the song from this movie).

But I can understand why some people watched Exorcist more than once. I caught the rerun on TV some years ago... and it still sent the chill down my spine. None of the sequels could match up to the dark and foreboding mood of the first movie.

The other horror movie second to Exorcist would be The Omen where memorable scenes include the one where the priest was pierced by a rod that was struck by lightning... and the playback of the recording of the devil's voice.

For childhood horrors, I loved Dracula movies -- which always had scenes of dark carriages rocking hurriedly up winding paths towards the dark castle. These are my favourite Dracula scenes till today... They give you a sense of expectancy -- the thrills are about to unfold. Yummy!

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