Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Watching the tide II

Just before the major works. It looks 100 per cent worse now, and stinks too. Bought a big bottle of Detol for cleaning up tonight. 
Historically gross.

THE whole area looks like a war zone.  Hacking and drilling noises are coming from all corners. Fine dust are hovering in the air.

Thank goodness, there was a 3M mask left behind from SARS time. Shut a protesting cat in the 2nd bedroom.  Took piano stool to the corridor where I sat armed with mask and sungalsses to wait for the job in the house to be finished (for the day.) Two more days to go... they said.

I had opted only for the essential --  replacement of sewage and sanitary pipes (at least 30 years old) in the two bathrooms and kitchen. They came at 8am and after laying the protective covers on the floors and furniture, left (to do up another house, I guess). They didn't return till 10.30am when they brought more protecctive covers for the sinks and the loo. Then they disappeared again.

The nasty work of dismantling my historic and "original" cast iron pipes had not even started.

No wonder they insisted that they need four days to complete the job. Well, guess in massive upgrading exercises like this, everything has to be done in stages. For others who opted for more upgrading works, it could take weeks.

Can't wait to see my new sewage pipes.

Watching the tide (1) is here:


streetsing said...

Renovation or upgrading of home facilities are really a core. Had to sweep and mop the whole house again and again through out the entire duration of the works. By the way I stumbled onto ur site by googling your name and voila there I was. I figured you must be a fellow blogger :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Yes, got backache already mopping;)