Friday, 10 July 2015

Bridging the times

The  overhead bridge at Peace Centre. Pic taken in 1982.

Bridge still looks the same. Picture taken in Jan, 2015.
PEACE Centre has seen several face lifts. But the overhead bridge has remained the same, retaining its old-fashioned look. (Which is good for old timers like me when it comes to reminiscing the good old 70s and 80s).

However, the Peace Restaurant (left) which was rather well known in the 70s and 80s, is long gone. Must check out the place some time soon. Wonder if there are any nice eateries inside the building. Some time in the 90s, remember a friend taking me there for pig brain soup.

And what shops do they have now? I remember it didn't have a very exciting range of shops -- mostly some dingy looking ones selling clothes, a toy shop specialising in those figurines (characters from Star War, Incredible Hulk, etc)  and some "establishments" offering facials and skin care. Remember trudging all the way there to get a brand of skin care which promised to whiten and remove freckles. The brand was from sunny Spain. But it didn't work for me :(


streetsing said...

Peace centre was once very vibrant with many photo-stating shops and those selling various stationary for students from the nearby NAFA school. They also offered printing services for the students. When the art school shifted to the Brass Brasah area, most of these shops either shifted or closed. The place lost its vibrancy and was rather quiet since.

Lo Tien Yin said...

Yes not very happening. But the exterior is looking better and not so run down now.